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We found what looked to be a nice trailer for its age on their site. We set up a time to go see it in person.

My wife decided to do her due diligence & look up clear choice motors. We found hundreds of complaints & as it turned out some rave reviews. It turns out the rave reviews are their employees rating themselves. We became leery of their business practices & noticed a clear pattern.

Bait 'n switch. I told them I have cash in hand & I want to see the trailer on Saturday. I told them to have it out & ready to go so I don't have to wait while they play musical RV's to get it out for me to hook up to it. They tell us "That's not how it works", "We'll show you the RV but you cant pick it up 'till next week".

Bad mojo there. They're known to take stuff off your rv & switch it out. There's even a story where they delivered a different RV than the one the guy looked at! They try to deliver @ night hoping you don't notice.

We walked away from this one with little more than some disappointment. I consider us lucky.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I had bad experience with this people too.

Do not bid or deal with this scam. I waged/list my round trip airfair come to pickup the coach.

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